Misterious couchsurf girl reveals Dubrovnik secrets!

In a sea of blogs, websites, Facebook Fan Page of Dubrovnik and other media you could rarely find something that would genuinely explain life in this city through the eyes of locals, revealing secret places with the best coffee, best place for night-life and so forth.
That is why Tumbrl page ‘CouchSurfer Girl’ is a very important page to Dubrovnik. It is an idea born by Sequence Productions, led by two girls from Dubrovnik, hidden under the alias names Gina Gi and Barbara Ve. If you go to their page you will meet secret girls with secret names, who will refer you to all the secrets of their city.
CouchSurfer Girl idea is made for Croatian Television with Gina Gi. She will be followed on her journey through other Balkan countries. In the first season, we will see her in Belgrade, Pristina, Tirana, Podgorica, Sarajevo and Skopje, where, of course, she won´t be sleeping in hotels but will be couch-surfing.