Mljet Among the Most Beautiful European Tiny Islands

The ‘Insider’ magazine brings a lost of 17 tiny European islands that you’ve probably never heard of, but should definitely visit!

Among them are two Croatian islands – Mljet and Vis. Although our beautiful Mljet isn’t that tiny (to us), it is on this list, along with the caption:

With just barely 1,100 inhabitants, sleepy Mljet is a place of serenity and tranquility. Almost 90% of the island is covered in forest, and a huge national park offers miles of scenic walking trails. Fun fact: the island’s only hotel is named after Homer’s Odysseus, who is said to have lingered there, bewitched, for seven years.

Here’s info about Vis island:
Vis, the furthest island from the Croatian mainland, is known for fabulous local wine, fresh seafood, and exciting nightlife activities. Its dramatic scenery evokes an aura of mystery that would fit a James Bond hideaway. Kayak through caves, sail the bays and lagoons, and take it all in from the top of Hum mountain.

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