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Mmmmussels on Prijeko! Traditional gastronomy mixed with modern cuisine

Stewed mussels, mussel risottos, mussel spaghetti, mussel soup, breaded and baked mussels, and mussels a la Dubrovnik… Which one is your favourite? Today is Mussel Festivity in Dubrovnik, held by Dubrovnik Tourist Board on Prijeko Street. 

In order to celebrate World Tourism Day, the traditional Mussel Festivity is prepared by some really skilled chefs in nine restaurants, who will will let you get a glimpse of their culinary artistry, all to an upbeat soundtrack of live music.

The restaurants participating in the festival are: Stara loza, Antunini, Moby Dick, Captain, Ragusa 2, Wanda, Moskar, Sebastian and San Francesco.