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Mons Roko Glasnović is the New Bishop of Dubrovnik: “I Joyfully Greet You All With Prayer in My Heart”

It’s official, Mons Roko Glasnović is the new bishop of the Diocese of Dubrovnik. The wonderful news was confirmed by the Holy See at noon, as well as the Diocese of Dubrovnik by Mons Mate Uzinić, otherwise the teacher of our new bishop.

This is fantastic news for Dubrovnik, which has been waiting for a new bishop for almost a year, after Mons Mate Uzinić was appointed coadjutor archbishop of Rijeka and apostolic administrator of the Dubrovnik diocese until the election of a new bishop.

Mons Roko Glasnović comes to the Diocese of Dubrovnik from the position of director of the Catholic School Center in Šibenik and secretary of the Bishop of Šibenik. He is a Šibenik native and has two sisters and one brother Franjo, who is also a priest of the Šibenik diocese.

Mons Glasnović studied law at the University of Split and Philosophical Theology at the Faculty of Theology in the same city, but also pastoral theology in Rome. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in pastoral theology from the Pontifical Lateran University, according to the official Vatican statement on the new bishop.

“It is not easy to be a bishop today, but I thank him for saying ‘I’m here’ precisely because it is not easy. I wish him a warm welcome to the city of Dubrovnik and the Diocese of Dubrovnik, which are now his diocese and his city” said Mons Mate Uzinić, emphasizing that Mons Roko decided to leave his diocese and, just like Abraham, go into the unknown.

The new bishop also received conutless warm congratulations from many Dubrovnik citizens as well as the authorities, including primarily mayor Mato Franković and the prefect Nikola Dobroslavić.

Not even the new bishop could hide his excitement.

“Citizens of Dubrovnik and all people of good will of the Diocese of Dubrovnik, I joyfully greet you all with prayer in my heart. May nothing be more important to us than Christ! My thoughts, heart and prayers go first and foremost to all families – mothers, fathers, and children. I want us to seek, find, recognize, and follow the Messiah together,” said the new bishop.