Mons Toma Lučić Retires, Don Hrvoje Katušić to Take His Place as Rector of the Church of St. Blaise

The Bishop of Dubrovnik, mons Mate Uzinić, signed decrees introducing some changes in the parishes and in the diocese itself.

Due to the canonical age, mons Toma Lučić is relieved of his duty as rector of the Congregational Church of St. Blaise and the Church of St. Saviour as well as delegate for the apostolate of seafarers.

Don Hrvoje Katušić, Vicar General of the Diocese of Dubrovnik will be replacing mons Lučić in all the aforementioned positions, as he has been relieved of his duties as President of Caritas of the Diocese of Dubrovnik and head of the Catechetical Office.