More that 12.500 Mercedes Sellers are Coming to Dubrovnik

The event called “Mercedes Global Training” started today in Dubrovnik. Over the next ten weeks, Mercedes’ experts will come to our city to learn more about the new models of Mercedes. Dean Torti marketing and PR manager of the Star Import a general importer of Daimler AG for Croatia explained what they are going to do in the next two months.
‘Mercedes Global Training is organized every year in a different location. The meetings are intended for sales staff and coordinators of the sale who will learn about new models before we place them on the market. Training takes place at three locations in the area of Dubrovnik from today until 14th of April. During that time a total of 12,500 of Mercedes sellers and agents, who will rotate three times a week in groups of 400 people, will stay in your city.” Mercedes’ will be shown on the streets of Dubrovnik.