Mussels ‘buzara’, wine and two vocal groups

On Thursday, small music festival Park Orsula features two klapa – vocal groups. It is a second concert of Dalmatian atmosphere, lijerica (a traditional string instrument) and mandolin by two local vocal groups – Oštro and Kaše. 

Klapa Oštro from Čilipi, Konavle, was started in 2000, and is lead by maestro Krešimir Magdić. It preserves the traditional folk songs from Dubrovnik and Konavle, but also performs klapa arranged by authors belonging both to younger and older generation accompanied by a traditional instrument from Konavle – lijerica.

Student vocal group Kase mark their fifth anniversary crowned by the finale of the Dalmatian Klapa Festival in Omiš on July 27.
Taking turns during the concert both klapa will present their art in the magical ambiance of Park Orsula, and all will be spiced up with two slices of bread, buzara that fits the plastic plate, a decilitre of wine and a paper napkin, says Andro Vidak, the President of the Ambient Croatia Association.