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Mylène Vrtikapa, French Lady Living in Dubrovnik: Today, I am Supporting ‘Vatreni’!

‘The dream: my two countries in final! Whatever happens, I’m happy!’, Mylène Vrtikapa, 27 yo French living in Dubrovnik, wrote on her Facebook and instantly attracted our attention.

She has French nationality, but Croatian father, and she spent all her summer vacations here, in Dubrovnik. Living in our beautiful city for a year, she is working for a French travel agency specialized in tours in Croatia and neighboring countries. Mylène lived in France, Japan for 7 months, Korea for 4 years and moved to Croatia last year.

Mylene Vrtikapa

We asked Mylène a bit more about her two nationalities and, of course, which team she will support this afternoon? ‘Do you have slightly more sympathy for one country?’, we asked her.

‘I’m half French, half Croatian. My mother is from France and my father from Dubrovnik, Croatia. I was born and raised in France but spent all my summer vacations in Croatia. As a French/Croatian, seeing my both countries in final is like a dream! Whatever happen, I’m happy! But to tell you the truth, I will be supporting Croatia this Dunday. I feel like it’s my duty to support the country I’m living in now and Croatia team deserves it! They showed to all the world that even a small country, with determination and courage, can beat big nations with million of budget!’, Mylène told us honestly, adding this:

‘So this Sunday, my brother in France will be supporting France team, my little sister will be for both of them and I will be cheering Croatia :) It’s a funny situation! Good luck to both team and…Ajmo Vatreni! :)’

And were are you this afternoon? See you @ 5pm!