NBA Star D’Angelo Russell Shows off Croatian Checkers in Dubrovnik

Although already being a known hot destination for many celebrities around the world, Dubrovnik sparked a pretty large flame of interest among the famous athletes this year. Seems like the rising star of the NBA, D’Angelo Russell, decided to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Magic Johnson, and pop in Dubrovnik for a visit himself.

The popular shooting guard of the Minnesota Timberwolves posted an enviable video showing him enjoying the view of out lovely city from above. He shared the stunning sight of the Old Town, beautiful Lokrum Island and Belvedere Hotel bathed in sunset with his 3.8 million Instagram followers, before going to explore the nature in Dubrovnik vicinity with his traveling group of friends.
The 24-year-old All-Star player could not resist our famous red and white checker pattern, wearing a cap proudly presenting the Croatian coat of arms.

Russell is among the best young NBA players of today. He prides himself with a successful basketball career already and undoubtedly has a bright future in sports ahead.

Photo: Instagram/dloading