Nelya Pearson is the Millionth Visitor of Dubrovnik City Walls

Nelya Pearson and her husband Thomas are celebrating their honeymoon in Dubrovnik, and one of those unique gifts for newlyweds came as a surprise from the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities… Actually, Nelya is the millionth visitor of Dubrovnik’s most popular and worldwide known tourist spot – City Walls.

On behalf of the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquity, this charming lady and her husband were greeted by a member of the Small Council of Society, Maro Kapović. The young married couple from England were pleasantly surprised by the welcome, though at first, Nelya said, they began to wonder what they had done and whether they were in trouble.
‘Dubrovnik was on the top of our list of destinations to visit because everyone who was in your town says how beautiful it is. Indeed, we are not disappointed’, Nelya said, while Thomas added that he didn’t even want to pay a visit to the Walls, but his wife insisted.

“I’m glad I listened to her,” Thomas joked.

The millionth visitor has arrived to the Walls four days later this year than in 2018, but the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities still has excellent numbers to present.

‘We are happy and proud because three or four days don’t make much difference. We expect excellent numbers in the post-season, by the end of September, as in October and November, and we believe that last year’s number of visitors will repeat this year as well’, Maro Kapović added.