New Palm Trees Will Decorate Mlini

The Indonesian red palm weevil completely destroyed the decorative palm trees in Mlini – symbols of this picturesque place in Župa dubrovačka municipality. That’s why the Župa Borough Council stated that municipality will plant new ones that will soon replace the destroyed ones.

Palm Trees in Mlini 2

For this action, the amount of 300 thousand Kunas were provided in the budget of the Župa dubrovačka Tourist Board. Construction works have begun including the new installations and new types of public lighting. Work involves removing old palms, extracting roots, and extracting new holes to plant new palm trees. The final phase is the construction and the decoration of the promenade damaged during the works.

Palm Trees in Mlini 1

The palm trees are located at an even distance, between which a sufficient space for parking is available in the center of the place. It will not take much time for the palm trees to grow and shine in full splendor and restore the distinctive appearance of the beautiful Mlini.