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New Year’s Eve: Details

First of all, Just Dubrovnik team is sending you best wishes for the 2020 – may it be amazing in every way possible! Tonight, Stradun and Dubrovnik in general are becoming a top class NYE stage.

Tonight there will be a bit colder than usual as the moderate chance of the cold wave is expected, so consider wearing something warm and stay warm (and smart!).

NYE Details 2

Dubrovnik residents and visitors will enter the 2020 with Croatian iconic pop band Parni Valjak, with guests Bruno Oberan, Ivo Ajduković and Alen Đuras, young stars of the popular TV shows The Voice and A Side who will perform as a pre-band, starting @ 9 pm.

Orlando Ball will be on the programme tomorrow, see more details here.

Tonight, the public transport is free from 6 pm during the Dubrovnik Winter Festival in general. If you are visiting Dubrovnik by car, note that a traffic ban will apply in the area around the Old Town tonight, starting @ 7 pm and will last until 3 am.

Have a lovely eve, and for the more Dubrovnik Winter Festival details, follow the tags:
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