No Ebola on a cruiser whose first trip started in Dubrovnik

American media reported that the nurse who handled the blood samples of Tomas Eric Duncan previously infected with Ebola showed no sign of infection. Tests ran on her blood samples and body liquids are negative on Ebola, reported American Coast Guard.
According to the State Department, an unidentified employee of the Texas hospital went on a trip on October 12, before being informed of the request for active monitoring of her medical condition. The request for monitoring came right after tests ran on two other nurses of the same hospital, Texas Health Presbyterian, showed positive for Ebola.
‘She immediately locked herself in the cabin, and the State Department is working on bringing her back to the United States’, was printed in the American media.
The company Carnival Cruise Line stated in their press release that they are aware of the situation, and reported that the passenger explained that she is a ‘very low risk’ of infection, ABC News reports.
Carnival Magic cruise ship set on its first voyage from Dubrovnik in May 2011.