Oedipus the King Reigns the Festival Again

Premiered at the 62nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Sophocles’ Greek tragedy Oedipus the King will be shown from the 14th until the 18th July at 9.30 pm in the Art School Park. It was directed by the famous Slovenian director Eduard Miler and is performed by the Festival’s drama ensemble comprised of the best Croatian actors.

Sophocles’ masterpiece Oedipus the King is the most famous of all Greek tragedies and Miler’s interpretation deals with its political and sociological context, especially the issue of responsibility in our days. Performing the play in the southern part of the Art School Park has given this piece a monumental stage and visually strong, ambient appeal. Last year the show was cancelled due to the fact that the main actor Mislav Čavajda was injured at the dress rehearsal, only one day before the premiere. In the end, the play was adapted to the new circumstances but performed only twice in front of the audience. It was met with universal acclaim of the audience and the critics. The play has retained the form which it got because of Čavajda’s injury so canes will continue to be a strong expressive element in this year’s performances as well.

The Slovenian director Eduard Miler who has directed more than a hundred plays and won numerous international awards, has reason to be one of the most famous directors in Eastern Europe. He gathered an excellent team of artists from Slovenia and Croatia, which has given a strong character to this play. Mislav Čavajda plays Oedipus, a role for which he got an Orlando Award last year; Doris Šarić Kukuljica plays his mother Jocasta; Vili Matula plays Tiresias; Livio Badurina plays Creon; Vladimić Dulić is shepherd; Jelena Lopatić the messenger; and various roles by students from the Zagreb Academy. A new member of the ensemble is Alen Liverić who plays the role of the priest instead of Dražen Čuček. The dramaturge of the play is Žanina Mirčevska, the set designer Branko Hojnik, the costume designer Marita Čopo, the light designer Zoran Mihanović, the choreographer Ivan Peternelj and the music is by Frano Đurović.

Source: Dubrovnik Summer Festival