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Olive oil from Peljesac won a gold medal on a competition in New York!

Virgin olive oil of Dalmatian oil producer Frane Milos has won a gold medal on the New York International Olive Oil Competition. This was the second year in row that Milos’ oil from Peljesac peninsula was awarded with gold medal. Dalmatian oil competed within 651 oils from 25 countries, in category of robust oils. In total, 254 oils earned medals, but product from Ston was declared the best and most delicious.

“We are extremely proud that our oil was identified as the product with most quality and elegance within this category. That proved that South part of Croatia is the perfect region for making good virgin olive oil”, said Frane Milos.

Family Milos’ olives are harvested by hand from centennial olive groves. The oil is produced by cold pressing, which gives it a fresh and fruity aroma enriched with aromas of green vegetation. Production is limited and focused primarily on quality. That is exactly what they proved on International competition where Spanish and Italian oils won the most medals.

Frane Milos olive oilFrane Milos olive oil