On This Day: 176 Years Ago First Cruise Ship ‘Barone Stuermer’ Sails Into Gruž Port

It comes as no surprise that the sole beginnings of the largest growing tourism sub-system in Croatia, cruising tourism, start precisely in Dubrovnik and go as far as 1844 when exactly on this day, 10th of August, Gruž Port welcomed its first cruising ship.

As kindly mentioned in the ‘Dubrovnik then and now’ group by Mr. Ivo Batričević, the steamship “Barone Stuermer” sailed into Gruž Port under the watchful eye of her captain Josip Palina. Trieste was listed as her home port and she was able to carry 153 passengers. With Dubrovnik being one of the first ports to start nurturing this type of tourism, then official of the Harbour Master’s Office wrote her down as a ship for ‘passagieri della gita di piacere’ or ‘leisure trip passengers’. This data was first found by Mr. Bruno Moravec in the Dubrovnik City Archive who then published it in the ‘Naše more’ newspaper in its third edition of 1955.

Source/Photo: Facebook/Dubrovnik nekad i sad