One of the world’s largest yachts moored in front of Lokrum

Two large yachts are moored in front of the island of Lokrum. A megayacht ‘Indian Empress’ and ‘Alfa Nero’ which are worth more than $ 300 million.
The ‘Indian Empress’, which sails under the flag of the Isle of Man, with a length of 95 meters is one of the largest private yachts in the world and is owned by an Indian businessman and politician Vijay Mallya. It was launched in 2000 under the name ‘Al Mirqab’. At that time, it was owned by Qatari royal family. The first name of the ship was changed after 2006 when it was sold to Vijay Mallya.
The ship transports 76 persons and 30 crew members. According to specialised magazines, its is one of the most beautiful vessels in the whole world. It represents a combination of luxury living and high standards.  The price of its weekly rent ranges from 600 to 650 thousand euros. The ship spends summers in the Mediterranean and winters on the Eastern Mediterranean.
‘Alfa Nero’ is a ship that sails under the flag of Cayman Islands. With its 82 meters in length, this is one of the longest private vessels in the world. It was built in 2007 and can accommodate 12 guests and 26 crew members.
The owner is unknown, although it was associated with the American real-estate mogul Peter Breton, as well as a Russian billionaire.
It is especially rich in facilities for leisure and entertainment, and it has a helipad, swimming pool, gym and more. During previous exhibitions of yachts, this beauty has won countless awards, specifically those for design. Although it is smaller than the ‘Indian Empress’, its rental price is higher – 840 thousand euro a week.
Both ships were built in the Dutch shipyard Oceanco.