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Padlocks of Love at Boninovo

High above the waters that have been crashing the coastline for centuries is the three-metre-high fence where the padlocks engraved with hearts and lovers’ initials have been put as a symbol of eternal love to which the lovers have pledged.

The locks of love started appearing in February 2012 and they are interpreted as the intention to change Boninovo into a place of eternal love. The padlocks are placed on the fence secretly over the night and the keys to the locks are flung into the sea – the pact of love sealed with the waves.

Boninovo, home to the love locks is easily reached from the walled city by following the main road from Pile Gate for less than 1 km along the Dubrovnik coast. The views leading to love locks are beautiful – a dramatic location to declare ones’ love and devotion.