Park Orsula Festival Lineup Announced

One of last year’s biggest successes and most popular music venue in Dubrovnik was Park Orsula. The beautiful park on a hillside overlooking the city has been painstakingly restored by a team of locals over several years. Their now annual music festival provides Dubrovnik with a stunning summer stage much longed for by locals and tourists alike.

The line up for the 2013 edition promises to bring many well known musicians from the Balkans to Park Orsula as well as British act the Tiger Lillies. Attending a concert at Orsula should be on the top of everyone’s to do list this summer. You won’t be disappointed and the unique atmosphere is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Park Orsula Music Festival 2013:
15.06.  Vasil Hadžimanov Band
21.06.  Dječaci, General Woo, Kandžija i Toxara, Otpisanimator
28.06. Meri Cetinić
05.07.  Klapa Šufit, Klapa Subrenum
06.07.  Svadbas, Quasarr, Feredon
11.07.  The Tiger Lillies, Izae
13.07. Teofilovići i Miroslav Tadić
19./20.07. Blues Weekend: Zdenka Kovačiček („S ljubavlju, Janis“ – tribute to Janis Joplin), Bebe na vole, Gruhak, Otprilike ovako, Delta Blues Gang, Kukac & Friends, Harpoon Blues Band
21.07.  Goribor, Lovely Quinces
26.07. Neno Belan i Fiumensi unplugged
30.07.  Vlada Divljan & Ljetno kino
02.08.  Damir Kukuruzović Gipsy Swing Quartet
03.08. Alex Barck JAZZANOVA & EDDY RAMICH Kontrapunkt
10.08.  Sevdah Takht Damira Imamovića
17.08.  Vlatko Stefanovski Trio
21.08. Klapa FA Linđo, Klapa Ragusavecchia
23.08.  Goran Bare i Majke
30.08.  Silente promcija albuma & Guests