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Pasjača, Konavle’s Treasure, is the European Most Beautiful Beach

Konavle’s popular and worldwide known beach – a true treasure paradise – Pasjača, was chosen for the best European beach in 2019 according to the web page Europe’s Best Destinations. Pasjača is selected among many beautiful getaways, such as beaches from France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey…

Read the description from the web page:

The most beautiful beach in Europe is located in the heart of the sublime region of Konavle, 10 min from Cavtat and 30 minutes’ drive from the pearl of the Adriatic, the city of Dubrovnik.

Nested at the cliff’s foot, this beach is a real miracle. In 1955, a tunnel was created from the fields upstream (often flooded) to the sea. The remaining rocks were used to build the roads or were left on the seaside. In a few years the waves transformed these rocks into pebbles then into sand. Pasjača beach was born. After a few years the sea took away all the sand and the locals carried new rocks that turned into pebbles and sand again. They will do that again and again to preserve their little paradise. Pasjača beach, the most beautiful beach in Europe, is the result of both man and nature’s work.

Now that you know a little more about the life of Pasjačs beach let’s talk about the program of your day: you can do some shopping in the town of Popovići (water, sandwich, fruit, eco-friendly sunscreen and a swimsuit if you have left yours at home (this is not a nudist beach).

We advise fans of loud music, beach bars and water sports to avoid the beach; there is nothing of that kind there but nature and quietness. You can get to the beach via a small path through the rocks. This beach is located in the region of Konavle, we could say it is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia but all Croatia is really beautiful.