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Pasjača: The Beauty of Nature You’ve Always Dreamed Of

This Incredible Beach Was Chosen as One of the 10 European Best Destinations

Just 30 km south of Dubrovnik and 12 km from the town of Cavtat lies an incredible nature sight locals adore, and tourists long for, the magical Pasjača beach.

Situated in the Konavle region, just below the village of Popovići this incredible beach was chosen as one of the 10 European Best Destinations in 2019.

But how did such beauty of nature come to be? Its creation was quite spontaneous and not planned. After the construction of a tunnel leading to the sea trough the glorious cliffs of Konavle, in 1955, great piles of excavated rocks were left on the shore, unused and unneeded. Over the years, the sea has crushed them into pebbles and shaped the beach we have today.

However, getting in and out is an adventure in and of itself and no small challenge. Descending down a narrow path that does not tolerate flip-flops, mostly paved and with rows of stairs and metal railings, to the well-hidden Pasjača is a steep and dangerous cliff.

But once you get to it, forget about the signal, the phone, the noise, the crowds, and everything that burdens you in everyday life. There is only you and the sea, perfect for all those looking for a peaceful place to escape from everyday life.