Tradition and people

Photo Gallery: Audition for the New Generation of Linđo Dancers

Over 60 scholars arrived today i Lazareti to attend the audition for the new generation of dancers of our famous, worldwide known Folklore Ensemble Linđo. To be a part of Linđo means not only to preserve the tradition, since the dancers have performed ever since in the original national costumes of priceless value, presenting national dances of our rich history, but it means to have fun, travel, enjoy, be a proud member of our biggest folklore group.

Linđo means friendship – during their careers generations of dancers and musicians have made life–long friendships. Many recognized and successful individuals were, at one point in their life, participating members of the ensemble, either as dancers or musicians. This, they all agreed, was of significance in their professional life.

Being Linđo member means being dedicated to folklore, to friendship, to passion. To love your tradition, just as these ‘new kids’ are doing today.

Photo gallery: Folklore ensemble Linđo