Photo Gallery: Behind the Scenes of Star Wars!

The most famous street in Dubrovnik, Stradun, is closed for the first time this month because the crew of the Star Wars movie started with rehearsals. Dubrovnik mayor Andro Vlahušić had the opportunity to watch the first ‘shooting’.
‘Stradun is tonight closed for the first time because of (certainly) one of the most complicated film projects in film history. This is a challenging process, and we are happy that we, people of Dubrovnik, are hosts to a such an important project.’
‘I would like to thank the producers who are thinking about our citizens all the time. All the shootings are planned for the night’, he said. ‘Citizens will normally live during the day, but they won’t be allowed to go to the set’.
‘The shooting will be stopped if people come to watch it. So don’t come to the Stradun during the filming of the ‘Space Bear” he said and added:
‘Stradun looks fantastic; it is changed for the first time in history. We had Game of Thrones and other productions here, but this is the first time our main street looks different.’