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Photo gallery: Cycling in Konavle

Cycling team ‘Konavle’ organized the traditional international race named ‘Konavle 100 kilometers’.

Despite the bad weather, many cyclists decided to head to the southernmost part of Croatia to experience the amazing trail and enjoy the recreation in Gruda, Konavle.

‘Konavle is an ideal region for cycling, for professionals and amateurs, with over 100 kilometers of marked bike trails, as well as informative and instructive boards for cyclists. Billboards on the bike trails through Konavle are in Zvekovica, in Čilipi, in Molunat, Gruda and Ljuta. Trails stretch along the whole Konavle and include all the natural beauty and diversity of Konavle; flat plains on the slopes of Konavle fields, pure driving pleasure through the Konavle coastal villages or unique panoramic driving experience over the hills of Konavle that offer the real exciting experience. You can admire many other unique natural, cultural and agritourism locations that offer an unforgettable experience on the bike, and from information boards you can learn about the locations of the agritourisms in Konavle… (Bicycle Routes in Konavle, taken from the offical page of Agrotourism Konavle).’

Recreational categories were SPORT/120 km, CLASSIC/60 km and MTB/30 km, but the most important was the category of ‘having great fun’, which you can feel too in our photo gallery :)!