Tradition and people

Photo Gallery: Do you Enjoy a Cappella Singing? We Sure Do!

Traditionally, the first weekend of September is reserved fot the wonderful a cappella gathering named ‘Na me pogled tvoj obrati’.

Last night, in the amazing ambienth of Villa Banac, performed a capella groups Ragusavecchia, Skontradura, Staglin, Cavtajke, Oštro, Pasika, FA Linđo, Kaše and Iskon.

‘Klapa’ means ‘a group of friends’, who gathered in Dalmatia singing about motifs such as love, homeland, wine, hard life, sea…

‘Na me pogled’ is a great ending of the long hot summer in Cavtat, and groups from all over Croatia perform. This year, it eas held for the 17th time!

Klapa, a cappella singing was inscribed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012

*na me pogled svoj obrati – take a look at me (in a very gently and subtle way)