Photo Gallery: Dubrovnik Neretva County Day

Today is Dubrovnik Neretva County Day, but also the feast of its patron, St. Leopold Bogdan Mandić.

On the occasion of this ceremony, many politicians, distinguished guests, and key people of the city of Dubrovnik and County gathered in Marin Držić Theater to discuss the future of the county, to withdraw retrospective of the last year, completed projects, projects in progress…

During this ceremony, awards were given this year’s laureates, as a tradition of this event.

Laureates who have excelled during the year:

A prolific writer from Dubrovnik, Feđa Šehović, who won this year’s lifetime achievement award

President of the Association for Children with Special Needs ‘Special Friend’, Dženita Lazarević, who won this year’s award for outstanding achievement in the past one-year period. The same award was given to Eco-diving club Korčula

Ph.D. Vinicije Lupis, and a capella group Kumpanji won the award to ‘the reputation and promotion of the Dubrovnik-Neretva county in the country and the world’

Beside the formal ceremony, there was a accompanying programme included, with folklore and a capella groups signing in front of the St. Blaise Church, and also the award ceremony of the best athletes from Dubrovnik Neretva County.

The best athletes of Dubrovnik Neretva County are:

The most successful women’s sporting hope is Iva Oberan, from Judo Club Župa dubrovačka

The most successful men’s sports hope is Mario Uroš, shooter from the Shooting Club Dubrovnik

The most successful female athlete is Ivana Šutalo, from Judo Club Dubrovnik

The most successful men athlete is water polo player Paulo Obradović from VK Jug CO

The most successful team is women’s basketball team Ragusa Dubrovnik

The most successful team is auto club AK Dubrovnik Racing

The most successful coach is judo trainer Željko Đapić

The most active sports group of the Dubrovnik Neretva County is Alliance of fishing at sea

The ceremonial day ended with the festive lunch organized by Mayor of the Dubrovnik Neretva County, mr. Nikola Dobroslavić.