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Photo Gallery & Exhibition – St. Blaise Church Through the Eyes of Our Photographers

‘Restored Church of St. Blaise Through the Eyes of ‘Photo Club Marin Getaldić”s Members’ is the name of the exhibition opened this week in the lobby of the ‘Pope John Paul II Hall’ in Dubrovnik. You can see it through the October.

Earlier this year, in consultation with the Council for culture and science of the Dubrovnik Diocese, members of the Photo Club ‘Marin Getaldić’ photographed churches of the City for the important event – ‘Days of Christian Culture 2017’, and the photos of the St. Blaise Church, our patron saint, were exhibited today.

The exhibition is part of the accompanying program of the ‘St. Blaise – modern scientific thinking ‘ symposium.
The organizers of the exhibition are the Church of St. Blaise and the Council for culture and science of our Diocese, in cooperation with club Marin Getaldić’ and Conservation Department of the City of Dubrovnik.