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PHOTO GALLERY Feel and taste Italia in Dubrovnik!

Beautiful italian food is just something that one doesn’t want to miss. So, this and next week, visit Lazareti and taste beautiful olives, charming cheese, wonderful home made mortadella…

With five large stands, twenty manufacturers, more than a hundred different products followed by many excellent, local Italian delicacies will wait for you until 6th of September, every day, from 9 am to 9 pm.

So if you still think about whether you come or not we announced that various cheeses, cured meats from Tuscany and Umbria, olives from Sicily and Puglia, cakes from Piemont, dried fruit, various spices will be waiting for you… On the stands, among many products, where you will also find a sausage of Montepulciano; a giant mortadella from Bologna; prosciutto and dried meat from Tuscany; salami and cheese from Umbria; a 36 years old parmesan, and many more.
And after you see this list, consider is it worth to come to Dubrovnik and taste what Italy has to offer. Just consider. Buon appetito!