Photo Gallery: Fight Against the Fire on Pelješac

Defence Minister Damir Krstičević held an press conference on Pelješac this morning, pointing out the situation with open fires in Orebić and places around during the last 24 hours. The fire is under control, but not yet stopped. Another major fire, the one near Metković, in the municipality of Kula Norinska threatens the inhabited places, and canadairs were sent to both places. The third fire began this morning in Konavle, in place Vojski Do.

The fight against horror is even harder considering the strong wind and inaccessible terrains. yesterday, several family houses were burnt down and panic spread among inhabitants of Pelješac, who still vividly remember the fires from 2015.

This morning, along with Minister, press conference was held by representatives of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Orebić Municipality, Director of State Protection and Rescue Administration Ivica Lozančić, Chief Firefighter Commander Slavko Tucaković , Deputy of the County Prefect Joško Cebalo, representatives of the Mountain Rescue Service and all institutions operating in these crisis situations. The canadairs are still on locations.