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Photo Gallery: Finale of the ‘Wild League’, the Best Amateur Water Polo Tournament in the World!

‘Divlja liga’ or Wild League ended up today with Elita team winning against Fun H20 Mlini club. Exciting finale was set, traditionally, in the old port of Dubrovnik, and later, some awards were given to the winning team on Stradun.

In case you are a water polo lover visiting Dubrovnik, you might want to now a bit more about Wild League. It is Croatian and in the world most popular amateur water polo competition.

Matches are played on Dubrovnik beaches (Porporela, Danče, Bellevue, Šulić, beaches in riviera etc), and every team represents one beach. Final match every year is held in Porat or Old Town port, just like today.

Refeeres are professional (they have FINA and LEN licence). In better teams usually play people who have been trained in Jug and have been good in younger categories, or in some other sports – per example, Mihovil Španja, Croatian professional swimmer, who won Wild League 2010, or some champions from the Water Polo club Jug CO.