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Photo Gallery: First American Football Camp by ‘Dubrovnik Sharks’!

For the first time ever, football camp was held in Dubrovnik, organized by our ‘Dubrovnik Sharks’ – and it was great!

Anyone, girls and boys, older than 15 years, could apply and join the team, and the camp was led by John Anderson, the defense coordinator for the Zagreb Patriots and an expirienced football coach.

This August, Sharks participated in the first ‘The Growth of a Game skills’ camp in Dugopolje, Croatia, and one of the speakers and demonstrators was John Andreson himself.
Anderson particularly liked our Sharks, because of their dedication and organization, so as the first step of cooperation with our club, he decided to come and be a coach on this camp.

This is just one of the projects Sharks are doing and planning to make themselves a bigger and better football club. Anderson coaching them in the next season is the No1 project. It’s worth noting that recently four players, Đivo Čerjan, Luka Glumac, Lujo Domaćin and Krunoslav Curić, were invited to come live and play in the USA.