Tradition and people

Photo Gallery: Grape Harvesting in Konavle

The traditional ‘Grape Harvesting’ event was held this weekend to mark the beginning of this centuries old and important work in Konavle region. Many gathered in Pridvorje, where the harvesting began with a warm welcome from the hosts and the harvesting of grapes in Ivo Karaman’s vineyard, while other Konavle winemakers participated in this event by bringing grapes to the Franciscan monastery in Pridvorje.

The grape harvesting and collecting was followed by the traditional production of wine for holy mass. Beautiful ladies dressed in Konavle’s traditional costumes demonstrated how wine was made in the past. Excellent atmosphere, accompanied by wine and traditional dance and songs by KUD Stjepan Radić, marked this Saturday in themagical Konavle region.

The event is organized by Konavle Agritourism with the aim of promoting Konavle as a vines’ and wine-growing region, which, in addition to top quality wines, offers interesting agritourism facilities.