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Photo Gallery: Hotel Kolocep in a completely new light

Great news coming from Kalamota! Works on the reconstruction of the hotel Koločep have been completed. All 144 rooms, as well as the main establishment where the reception, two restaurants, a swimming pool and multi-purpose space are located, have now been renovated.
‘From this year on, all reconstructed objects of the Koločep Hotels Inc., will operate under one name, ‘Kalamota Island Resort – all inclusive’. ´Kalamota Island Resort´ is designed as a romantic hotel for couples and therefore will further promote the TUI brand called ‘Couples’. The majority of guests are expected to arrive from the UK, thanks to cooperation with TUI U. Occupancy of the hotel during the season, from April to the end of October, is expected to be at a high level’, said Marinko Benic, a board member of Karisma Hotels.

Active involvement in the local community

‘Our aspirations are great and we are hoping for a good start. Locals will surely offer their contribution’, Benic said, and included that an important aspect of the hotel business Koločep is collaboration with the local community. Moreover, the hotel is already actively cooperating with the local committee of Koločep in organizing socializing with fellow residents. The idea is to introduce the investment idea to the residents and thank them for their patience’.
Furthermore, the ship owned by Hotel Koločep is available to citizens in case of urgency (for example, for health reasons). Also, all the staff of Hotel Koločep will be actively involved in fire drills and evacuation exercises conducted by the fire department. They believe that their commitment and hard work will be profitable and that public tourist infrastructure of the island will also improve, in cooperation with the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

‘Social responsibility is very important to us. Therefore, we are involving local residents in numerous of activities. We are extremely pleased because the local community has had a lot of understanding regarding the construction of the hotel, and we are using this opportunity to express our gratitude to people for their understanding and patience during the construction. I hope that they are happy with us’ Benic said.

Employees from all around the country

‘The hotel now has 4 stars, eight villas with eighteen rooms in each, the capacity of hotel being 288 beds. The structure of employment is an important factor of integration into the local community – Hotel Koločep hired mostly locals for various reasons, however not exclusively. The part of staff is from Slavonia. There are 128 employees in total. Occupancy is currently reaching 91 percent, and it will increase and remain between 95 and 100 percent until the end of September. In October we always experience a slight decrease, and that is why we will close the season on October 26th’, explained Belavic, a hotel manager.