Photo Gallery: If You’re Into Good Food, The ‘Eel Days’ Might be Perfect Event for You

Today, an interesting gastronomical manifestation was announced in Takenoko restaurant – the ‘Eel Days’ in Neretva.

This event has a goal of cultivating a sustainable development plan for eel fishing so the survival of this species doesn’t come into question. It is necessary to protect local fishermen and eel fishing with traditional tools so the eel fund in Neretvan waters is kept intact, as well as the environment and the eel’s natural habitat.

This event wants to promote the eel as a special delicacy of Neretva, as eel prepared like in Neretva can’t be found elsewhere in Croatia. The Neretva area is currently known for their tangerines and agricultural activities and now additional ethnographical, cultural and gastronomical specialties want to be added, to further distinguish the land.
As part of a three-day event a fair of Neretvan delicacies will be held on king Tomislav’s square in Opuzen, where restaurants will offer specialized menus with eel dishes.

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