Photo Gallery: International Museum Day in Dubrovnik

International Museum Day is celebrated today all around the world, and, of course, in Dubrovnik – and everybody enjoyed!

Natural museum of Dubrovnik offered a rich programme named ‘Museums and cultural landscapes’, where participants learned interesting things during the lecture named ‘Bio Hacking landscape and ecological engineering ‘. Lecture covered latest practices in science and different scientific fields, that function in order to preserve biological diversity and to integrate human society with its natural environment in a mutually beneficial, symbiotic manner. Participants traveled around the Earth – from Dubrovnik to Zagreb, to Indonesian volcanoes, Norwegian Fjords and to the edge of the Earth’s stratosphere and the surface of Mars…

‘Do it yourself: Microbial batteries’ was the name of the interesting workshop held by bio Technologist Đino Šutić and museum educator Dubravka Tullio where participants learned how to make energy via bacteria.

On the other side of town, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Dubrovnik marked this day with opening of the international Chinese exhibition created in collaboration with Confucius Institute in Zagreb, university center for Chinese language, culture and business, named ‘Art changes the world’. Exhibition is opened until May 21st, and visitors saw remarkable Chinese calligraphy made by artist calligrapher Zhang Qieyi, but also paintings of the artist Gao Longzhang.

Everyone could try a calligraphy during the workshop that was held just after the exhibition opening.