Photo Gallery: Mljet – a Magical Getaway

The most beautiful, and the most forested island – that is, in short, the description of magical island Mljet, a perfect getaway, and one of the most beautiful pearls of the Mediterranean.

As described on the pages of the Tourist Board, ‘untouched nature, the island’s mysticism, olive groves, vineyards and rich forests are ideal places to research the rich flora and fauna, and to peacefully enjoy the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings’.


So did we! Walking, wandering around, we searched for the perfect images to depict the idea of perfection. From the National Park, to the charming villages, up to the Veliko and Malo Jezero, two amazing salt lakes with the Benedictine monastery on the island of St.Mary… We wandered one whole day.


Mljet is truly a hidden paradise, breathtaking since the ancient times – the island was already mentioned in the fourth century BC in Greek writing, and the numerous Greek amphora and shipwrecks along the coast of Mljet are evidence that Greek sailors stayed on the shores of Mljet during their journeys. From their visits, up until modern times, a numerous visitors enjoy the peace of the island so close to Dubrovnik, and so amazingly away from everything!


There is a legend about Odysseus’ connection with Mljet. According to some stories, this famous sailor and warrior found his home on this amazing island at one period of his life. That’s why Mljet now has the Odysseus Cave, an breathtaking nature made cave with ’50 shades of blue’, but also Odysseus, the one and only hotel on the whole island, with the amazing view capturing the Pomena bay.