Photo Gallery: The 71 st Dubrovnik Summer Festival Opening Ceremony

The 71 st Dubrovnik Summer Festival Opening Ceremony, directed by Marina Pejnović, took place in the Old City Port (Porat) this Friday evening. During 47 days of the Festival, the audiences will be presented with nearly 50 theatre, music, dance, folklore and other performances on 13 site-specific locations in Dubrovnik.

On this occasion, the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Tomislav Fačini, joined by the Croatian Radio and Television Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Miron Hauser and pianist Aljoša Jurinić, mezzo-soprano Dubravka Šeparović Mušović and saxophonist Ivan Bonačić, with the participation of the Festival Drama Ensemble with Linda Begonja as Negromant and Linđo Folklore Ensemble.

The audience was placed at the waterfront area stretching from the Fish Market to the area beneath St John’s Fort towards Porporela, and on City Walls from St John’s Fort to the Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery and the traditional fireworks took place right after the end of the Opening Ceremony. In the 47 festival days, the 71st Games will present almost 50 drama, musical, folklore and other performances.