Polish Enterpriser Sara Rewienska Totally Mesmerized by Dubrovnik

Renowned Polish digital marketer and branding/image specialist Sara Rewienska recently flooded her Instagram with fabulous videos and photographs of our majestic city. As she describes alongside one of her photos, this is her first time in Croatia and where else to start discovering it best but in Dubrovnik.

Being an experienced luxury traveler Sara points out the Pearl of the Adriatic title was awarded to Dubrovnik with a well deserving reason. Considering it to be one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, she soaks up the views of our enchanting historical monuments and relishes in all the sea joy she could imagine, describing Dubrovnik as one of the most beautiful places she ever visited.

This successful business woman and fashion lover graduated business management in the USA and started a career in media and advertisement, frequently pointing out the importance of education for women. She mentions traveling as one of her biggest life delights and documents all her travels simultaneously sharing them with her large Instagram following.

Photo: Instagram/saramonikatravels