Polish Power Couple Kasia Dziurska and Emil Gankowski in Love With Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is known for many reasons but being the romantic sanctuary for couples all around the world is definitely in the top three. Renowned Polish athlete, model and personal trainer Katarzyna Dziurska and her husband, famous bodybuilder Emilian Gankowski, decided to have a taste of Dubrovnik’s romantic side while relishing in their long-awaited vacation.

Just one look on their Instagram profiles shows you the delight they experienced enjoying the beauties of our lovely town. Being here for over a week they managed to explore every corner of the Old Town, savour in the food, delight in as Emil put it ‘the cleanest sea in the world’ and even take a ride around the city on a charming motorbike. The couple seemed overwhelmed with their Dubrovnik holiday constantly sharing their enjoyment with their large Instagram following.

“The Old Town, or Stari Grad in Croatian, is the oldest part of Dubrovnik completely inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.…but to feel its atmosphere, it is worth entering the side streets, walking up the stairs and getting lost for a while…” said the blond bombshell.

They pair also visited Župa Dubrovačka, taking a stroll in Kupari, interested in exploring the history of Dubrovnik’s vicinity.

“A story you can touch. We watch with disbelief a luxurious resort built in the 1960s and 1970s, which could accommodate thousands of guests…“ the famous fitness trainer added alongside a photograph from Kupari.

Kasia and Emil, don’t only share love for each other, but also for sports.  Kasia is a long-time dancer, cheerleader, basketball player, personal fitness trainer, European and World winner in Fitness Figure, champion of Bikini shape and Fitness motivator in the gold category. This extraordinary woman devoted her life to sports, health and hard work simultaneously sharing positive energy and motivating others to achieve their life goals.

One of her biggest supporters is definitely her husband Emilian, who has an enviable career behind him as well. Focusing on his passions, bodybuilding and fitness, he won the Most Motivating Body contest in 2015 and became the winner of Musclemania Poland in 2018. Emil has been involved in sports for many years. Before he started doing bodybuilding and personal training, he played football. He is a great example of the fact that combining passion with work is an excellent choice and always pays off.

The pair celebrated Emil’s 30th birthday precisely in Dubrovnik before ending their Dubrovnik fairy tale and heading back to their Polish home.

Photo/Video: Instagram/kasia_dziurska