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Porporela Triumphs in the Wild League: A Historical Water Polo Tournament with Decades of Tradition in Dubrovnik

Porporela Seizes Wild League Glory! In the ultimate water polo clash, Porporela’s team secured a victory over Kokoti team with a final score of 5:6. The game’s decisive goal was netted by Maro Farčić just six seconds before the closing whistle.

Even before kick-off, Porporela’s fervent supporters set the scene ablaze with a smoky spectacle above walls in Old Port, accompanied by enthusiastic cheers. Adding to the excitement, the prince of Porporela, Nikša Jelčić Čile, greeted the gathered crowd and offered a brief, spirited performance.

This marks Porporela’s fifth final in Wild League appearance since 1983. Their previous achievements include clinching the championship in 2007 and securing the runner-up positions in 1983, 1985, and 2018. Notably, in the prior year, Porporela’s team claimed the third position. The current triumph adds another laurel to their collection, making it a total of 14 medals.

Kokoti team, on the other hand, reached the final stage for the second time. Their first championship victory was in the previous year. This achievement now brings Kokoti’s total medal count to three, including a bronze medal earned in 2018.

In another riveting encounter, the PVG Gruški mul team clinched the bronze medal. This marks their inaugural medal in the Wild League. In the battle for the third spot, held shortly after 4 PM, they dominated the Lozica team with an impressive 9-goal margin, ultimately securing a resounding 2:11 victory.

It’s noteworthy that the Wild League is one of the world of water polo’s most historic and traditional tournaments. Records exist of the Wild League being played in Dubrovnik between the First and Second World Wars, as well as during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Since 1983, every victor and result has been meticulously documented, encompassing the complete history of the tournament.