Prince Saud in Villa Scheherazade

The member of Saudi royal family, Prince Saud bin Abdul Muhsin, the governor of Ha’il Province, has arrived to Dubrovnik for his holiday.

He arrived on Friday to Dubrovnik Airport from where he headed towards the luxurious Villa Scheherazade in Dubrovnik where he would stay during his visit to the city. The Prince would most probably spend 7 days in the city.
Prince Saud is the member of the very numerous Saudi royal family. He has been married four times and has ten children from these marriages.

It is worth mentioning that Dubrovnik has recently become a permanent summer destination of the members of the Saudi royal family. Two years ago, Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who was appointed the new crown prince of Saudi Arabia a few days ago, arrived to Dubrovnik on his magnificent 78-metre long yacht Tueq.