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Quick Interview – Nikša Butijer

We’ve seen him at the Opening Ceremony and are again watching one of Dubrovnik’s favourite actors in the premiere theatre production entitled ‘Dubrovnik Mirrors’. Read what Nikša Butijer answered to our 5 short questions:

1. Opening Festival Ceremony in Dubrovnik Old Port?

It seems to me that that was the best option for this year. The ambiance imposed itself by its beauty and the Croatian National Television covered everything with drones and nice camera shots. So, everyone who watched the ceremony on television was surely impressed.

 2. Your favourite role ever performed at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival?

Since I performed many roles at the Festival it would be hard to single out just one. So, here are my favourites: my first role in Jupa’s ‘Dubrovnik Trilogy’, where I played Vuko from Konavle; the role I had in Dolenčić’s ‘Arkulin’, for which I received an award, and ‘Allons enfants’ directed by Bobo Jelčić and Nataša Rajković in City Hall.

3. Comedy or drama?

It does not matter to me. I think it is interesting and good for every actor to play roles in different theatrical genres and styles.

4. Local audience?

Dubrovnik audience is quite demanding and often too critical. They are also more interested in comedy than drama. I believe we should focus more on young emerging audiences.

5. Creativity in times of crisis?

In times of crisis is very difficult to create something new because we are focused on other things and that is not the best time… it feels like we were stopped, frozen, for few months. I hope all this is going to finish quickly so we can move on.