‘Quit Staring at My Plate’: Dubrovnik’s Actor Nikša Butijer Running for The Oscars

‘Quit Staring at My plate’ is an Croatian candidate for the next Academy Awards. Directed and written by Hana Jusić, ‘Quit staring at my plate’ premiered on Venice Days 2016 International Competition, already had 17 wins and three nominations.

Stars of the movie are Mia Petričević (Marijana), Arijana Čulina (Vera), Zlatko Burić (Lazo) Karla Brbić (Anđela)… See the full cast & crew here. One of the main characters, Zoran, is played by Dubrovnik’s actor Nikša Butijer!

Marijana’s life revolves around her family, whether she likes it or not. They live on top of one another in a tiny apartment, driving one another crazy. Then her controlling father has a stroke and is left completely bedridden, and Marijana takes his place as head of the clan. Soon, she is working two jobs to keep everything afloat, while her mother and disabled brother do their best to scupper the ship. Driven to the edge, Marijana finds comfort in seedy sex with random strangers; and this taste of freedom leaves her wanting more. But now that she has finally found freedom, what’s she meant to do with it?