Re-Vel-In Festival: Three Days Of Musical Hedonism

Thousands of young people enjoyed last years Re-Vel-In Festival which, thanks to its beautiful location, excellent performers and a completely new concept, attracted the audience of the entire Adriatic region. Re-Vel-In is the festival of good music and good vibrations in the venue where you’ll be returning many, many times. The festival has definitely put Dubrovnik on the map of the best summer destinations for young people and substantially improved the tourist offer of the city.

FEDDE LE GRAND // Aug 2nd 2012.
First night of the Festival will be marked by the performance of Holland DJ superstar Fedde Le Grand. The man who rules the world’s dance floors for years, the man whose music Madonna personally used for the promotion of her “Sticky and sweet” tour and asked to mix the “Give It to Me” hit, is also a man who received very important awards, and was first place at the charts of Great Britain, Spain, Russia, Finland, Bulgaria… Put Your Hands Up opened the doors to the mainstream world, but he likes to experiment with a little darker, minimal tech-house sounds, and he does it equally well as he creates hits.

SYKE N SUGARSTARR // Aug 2nd 2012.
Hamburg duo Syke n Sugarstarr is at the top of house music scene due to its production and constant tours with over 100 performances per year. They created a unique style described as “Funky-Electronic-TechHouse-With-Vocals-And-Soul”. This broad range of house music is a base for Radio Show “Do the Hip!” ran by Syke ‘n’ Sugarstarr for two years now, and broadcasted at over 60 world radio stations. By the end of July, they will do American tour, and August is reserved for European destinations, Russia, Middle East, and Dubrovnik off course.

GRAMOPHONEDZIE // Aug 3rd 2012.
Gramophonedzie is the most famous house producer and DJ from this region and he will perform on 3rd of August. He started his career in 2000 participating at Red Bull Music Academy in Ireland, after what he continued with music production. He became worldwide famous with megahit “Why Don’t You” created on a sample of legendary Peggy Lee. Song was one of the most popular club hits in 2009, and part of Steve’s Anello, Dennis Ferrera, and Erick’s Morilla sets, and brought Gramophonedzie  MTV Best Adria Act award. Popular DJ has fans in the whole region, so it is not strange that he will lead line up the second day of the Re-Vel-In Festival.

SEBASTIEN LEGER // Aug 4th 2012.
Sébastien Léger is DJ who brought great music history of Detroit and Chicago back to clubs. His underground techno sound is among best French electronic music of today. Multi talented producer and DJ- Sebastian Leger, is present on the music scene since end of 90ies. Until today, he released impressive number of almost 70 singles and EPs and 60 remixes (most known remixes are for Justin Timberlake, Deadmau5, Kylie Minogue and Eric Prydz).

PAUL WOOLFORD // Aug 4th 2012.
British DJ Paul Woolford has been building for years an extremely respectable international career as a DJ, producer, “dance floor experimentalist” and discography house owner. He is well known for his single “Erotic Discourse”, inspiration for many music stars as Ricardo Villalobos, The Chemical Brothers and Richie Hawtin. His ability to create a new sound made him famous among electronic dance music fans. Woolfords biography points that his performance at Exit Festival was one of key moments in his career, and we hope that his performance at Re-Vel-In Festival will mark the summer of 2012 for him.

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