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Real Madrid C.F. Extends Mario Hezonja’s Contract for Five More Seasons


Real Madrid C.F. has announced the extension of Mario Hezonja’s contract, securing the Croatian star’s presence at the club for the next five seasons. This agreement comes as no surprise given Hezonja’s remarkable contributions since joining the team.

In his two seasons with Real Madrid, Hezonja has helped the team clinch an impressive five trophies: one European Cup, one Spanish League title, one Copa del Rey, and two Spanish Super Cups. His stellar performance on the court has not only made him a key player but also endeared him to Madrid fans, who appreciate his skill and dedication.

Hezonja’s basketball journey has seen him make significant strides both in Europe and internationally. Besides his achievements with Real Madrid, he represents the Croatian national team in international competitions. Hezonja’s talent was first recognized on a global scale when he was selected as the fifth overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft by the Orlando Magic.

Real Madrid fans can look forward to many more thrilling seasons with Hezonja, as the club continues to build on its legacy of excellence.

Photo Real Madrid C.F. Instagram