Record September

Congresses and meetings that are being held in Dubrovnik this month will continue all the way through to mid November, confirming Dubrovnik’s place as Croatia’s leading congress destination.

According to tourist industry figures arrivals in September have seen a 13 per cent increase with a 12 per cent increase on overnight stays based on 2011’s figures for the same month (91,142 arrivals, 342,333 overnights). Since the start of this year 605,903 tourists have visited Dubrovnik, accumulating 2,342,333 overnight stays, representing a 9 per cent increase in arrivals and 11 per cent rise in overnight stays in 2012 based on 2011 figures.

Dubrovnik’s position as a leading congress destination was confirmed back in spring when it leaped several places forward in the rankings of the ICCA, a prestigious congress association.