Remembering Vukovar, The Heroic City

Dubrovnik is remembering Vukovar, the Hero city, today with the lights and memorial lanterns in front of the St. Blaise Church, via Vukovar Street and near the memorial Vukovar graffiti at the entrance to Dubrovnik made by Torcida footbal fans.

Vukovar and Dubrovnik share a special connection, yet Vukovar still suffers the damages of war, horrible crimes and the saddest event in the complete Croatian history – the Battle of Vukovar, an 87-day siege of this heroic city in eastern Croatia by the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA), supported by various paramilitary forces from Serbia, that happened between August and November 1991.

Althought the Croatian War of Independece is over, some parts of Croatia still recover, and Vukovar is one of them. Once amazingly harmonic city, where mixed community of Croats, Serbs and other ethnic groups lived together, Vukovar became the scene of the real life horror movie, never to be forgotten…