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Renaissance Garden in the Villa Bunić-Kaboga: Amaryllis

Monday Getaways: July 18 / July 25 / August 01 / August 08 at 9 PM

The Renaissance Garden project is based on a contemporary interpretation of cultural heritage. It is traditionally performed in the authentic ambience of the renovated Villa Bunić Kaboga from the 16th-century.

This year’s edition is symbolically entitled Amaryllis. It brings an unconventionally conceived program through intermedia performance; using live musical performances of the repertoire that covers a wide range from the Renaissance to contemporary authors as well as archival materials that outline the protagonists of Dubrovnik salons of the past.

Starting from the mythical, each performance of this project is an artistic intervention of reviving the spaces in which the rich cultural and social life once took place. The magical sceneries and legends of Dubrovnik summer villas and their gardens; the favorite gathering places of the former Dubrovnik aristocracy, become a common gathering place for locals and foreign guests.

The Renaissance Garden performance and a visit to the Villa Bunić-Kaboga is a unique experience and a perfect getaway from the crowded historical City center into the magical ambience of Dubrovnik renaissance gardens-places of pleasance, creativity and freedom.

The project is realized and performed by The Rest is Music NGO with the support of the Caboga Stiftung Foundation, City of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Tourist Board in collaboration with Dubrovnik Heritage PLC.

Marija Lešaja, soprano
Ines Ivanjek, flute
Ivana Jelača, piano and artistic leadership
Marojica Bijelić, host
Production: Event Lab
Organizer: Dubrovnik Heritage
Info& Tickets: mob +38598 873 122
The capacity of the audience is limited to 30 seats.