Respect the City for a Sustainable Future of Dubrovnik

Respect the City (RTC) is a multidisciplinary strategic destination management project with an action plan. It is comprised of a set of short-term, medium-term and long-term measures and activities focused on Dubrovnik as the leader in sustainable and responsible tourism in the Mediterranean.

Having recognized the need for both urgent and systematic action based on sustainable models of development of the city and of tourism as its primary economic activity, the City of Dubrovnik has launched the initiative Respect the City. Its aim is to reduce negative effects of overtourism through continued cooperation of stakeholders and a combination of measures and solutions.

The conservation of cultural heritage, the quality of citizens’ daily lives and ensuring the best possible experience of Dubrovnik as a destination for its visitors – all those are motives for this shift in destination management. Already during the first year since the launch of the project, Respect the City attracted the attention of international media and the global tourist sector, whereas Dubrovnik is increasingly becoming perceived as a city which has started managing its tourism in a sustainable way.

Source: Dubrovnik Tourist Board / read more here.