Restaurant LAJK – Dubrovnik specialties and art in one place

This charming restaurant is located in the center of the old city, on a street where the oldest Dubrovnik restaurants are. In LAJK, you can enjoy their specialties while being surrounded by historical monuments and stone walls. The restaurant is run by family Durovic, whose idea was to present Dubrovnik specialties and Dubrovnik art in one place. So their family friend and painter, Rajna Inic, painted a mural in the inner part of the restaurant. Even though the word LAJK resembles the English word Like that was not the inspiration. The restaurant’s name is the combination of initial letters of this family’s members names – Luka, Alan, Jasmina, and Karlo.
In LAJK visitors are provided with simple local dishes that the owners also eat at home. Particular attention is paid to the excellent service, hygiene and fresh supplies purchased fresh from locals who deliver fresh catch, cheese, and eggs daily.

Restaurant LAJK is especially proud of the chocolate cake without flour and excellent risotto with asparagus. So when you come to this place make sure to try it. The restaurant consists of the outdoor terrace that can accommodate 20 seats and a beautiful private inner part of the floor that can accommodate 20 people, so it is suitable for baptisms, family gatherings and birthdays.

When you come to LAJK its team will certainly do their best to smile and feed every customer, and to give them moments to remember.